In fact, what is the Switch Time concept?

Everything started by imagining a commercial world where we could make that an order isn’t limited to the purchase of a product, but this purchase is celebrated by an experience offered.

Based on our reflection, we have developed a concept that give us the opportunity to make a change (Switch) over time (Time) of special offers created with passionate partner brands.


Where does your inspiration come from and what is your wish?

The exploration of the world and the approach of the unknown give us the thrill; traveling the continents and the oceans make us feel freedom; the affection of the fine dining makes us want to share. All these reasons are evidently the desire to being able to offer premium products and offer the privilege of living fabulous moments in exceptional locations.

Our wish is to offer a real added value, an emotion to the selected product and make these moments unforgettable experiences.

That is why, every week, you will discover a new exclusive combined offer.


Who are your partners and where your products come from?

During each weekly change (Switch Time), we will have the privilege to introduce you a selected item, for example High Jewellery or Traditional Watchmaking product or also Sport & Leisure article. We work in direct with Swiss brands or with official distributors for the foreign brands.


What are the prices applied by

The products presented on are sold at the official Swiss retail price.


If I buy the product of the week, may I really choose one of the three experiences offered for free?

Yes! A discount is a short-term pleasure, an experience stays in your memory forever. We prefer to make you live a real "life experience", for example during a discovery trip or by experiencing the thrill through a skydiving jump.


How the website works?

It’s easy. After the introduction banner, continue with "PRODUCT" or "GIFTS". With “PRODUCT”, find out description and options, or simply add your selection to the shopping bag. If you click on "GIFTS" please admire the locations details proposed by our Travel Designer partner – ailes.